Insurance is more than just a Policy; it’s a Promise, from us, to your loved ones.

About Troppus Insurance

Troppus Insurance stands for more than just financial advice—we stand by you as pillars of support, providing top-notch service, comprehensive coverage, and exceptional value.

At Troppus Insurance, we understand that life's uncertainties require robust protection. Whether you're seeking life, health or travel insurance, our team brings unparalleled expertise and resources to help you navigate through Canada's leading insurance solutions. We view insurance not merely as a policy but as a solemn promise—a promise of security for you and your loved ones in the face of life's unforeseen events.

We delve deep into understanding your unique circumstances, preferences, and expectations, crafting a plan that resonates with your personal needs. Our role transcends that of a financial advisor; we are your trusted partners, advocates, and friends, committed to illuminating your path through the intricacies of financial planning and insurance.

Troppus Insurance stands for more than just financial advice—we stand by you as pillars of support, providing top-notch service, comprehensive coverage, and exceptional value. Contact us for a complimentary consultation or a free review of your current portfolio. We're eager to connect with you and dedicated to assisting you in fulfilling your insurance and investment aspirations.

Meet our Storyteller

Vishal Taneja, CLU®, CHS™, MFA-P™, is a visionary in the realm of estate and financial planning. With an impressive array of designations, including Chartered Life Underwriter, Certified Health Specialist, and Master Financial Advisor - Philanthropy, Vishal’s qualifications speak volumes about his expertise and his dedication to the field of financial advisory.

His career is marked by a steadfast commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed his client's expectations. Vishal's approach is deeply personalized, reflective of his belief that financial advice should be as unique as the individuals it serves. He navigates the intricacies of financial planning with a deft hand, tailoring strategies that encompass life insurance, estate and retirement planning, and wealth preservation.

Vishal’s proficiency extends to the complexities of health and disability insurance, ensuring his clients are equipped with coverage that supports their healthcare needs. His proactive stance on continuous education and his pursuit of the most current industry tools and strategies are testaments to his role as a leader in financial advisory.

Recognized for his ability to demystify the complexities of financial and insurance planning, Vishal has become a cornerstone for clients seeking a secure and prosperous financial future. He is not just an advisor but a partner in his clients' financial successes, embodying a philosophy that combines deep industry knowledge with a genuine concern for their well-being.

Vishal's personal touch extends beyond his professional life. He is an avid reader, a music enthusiast, and a family man, all of which add depth to his understanding of his clients' needs and aspirations. His holistic view of life and finance allows him to connect with clients on a level that goes beyond numbers and policies, fostering relationships built on trust, respect, and mutual success.

At the heart of Vishal's practice is a simple yet powerful conviction: to empower individuals and business owners to craft their legacies with confidence and clarity. This is the mission that drives him, the passion that defines his work, and the promise he brings to each interaction with his valued clients.


To provide premier life and health insurance solutions curated to meet your evolving needs, ensuring you are well-protected today, tomorrow, and beyond. We strive to empower you with informed choices from Canada's top-rated insurance options, embodying our core values of customer-centric service, integrity, and lifelong learning

Troppus Insurance provides a suite of services, including life, health and travel coverage across Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton, and the Toronto Region.